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Sullivan Pest Management is the only accredited installer of Kordon Termite Barrier, in the New England North west NSW and have protected over 700 homes and commercial buildings since 2005. Kordon Termite Barrier is more than just termite proof. Many termite protection products act solely as a physical barrier allowing the foraging insects to search up and down their length until they find a gap or weakness to enter through. Kordon contains deltamethrin, a synthetic derivative of naturally occurring pyrethrum. Insects are naturally averse to deltamethrin and given the choice, will not go near it. Repeated trials have shown that as soon as termites even get near the Kordon barrier they turn and go elsewhere for their food.

Kordon’s design is unique. It comprises a special layer of webbing to which a precise and consistent dose of deltametrhin is applied. This is then sealed between two robust sheets of quality UV-stable plastic to deliver environmentally safe termite protection that is not only guaranteed to last, but fully conforms with the Australian Building Code, AS3660 and ABCB certification No. 2003-001.

Backed by Bayer, one of the worlds most trusted names in health and environmental science, Kordon Termite Barrier is the most cost effective, long term protection for your new home.

In addition, Bayer offers “Bayer Protection Warranty”, a lifetime warranty, subject to annual inspections. See www.kordontmb.com.au for more information.

Kordon Baked by Bayer

Termatrac Thermal Imaging

Termatrac Thermal Imaging Cam

We use Termatrac thermal imaging technology for extra piece of mind.

Kordon Termite Barrier

The only installer of Kordon Termite Barrier in New England Northwest NSW.

Kordon - Backed by Bayer 

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